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To You From One Who Is GREEN

I am not a witch, a goblin, and certainly no space invader.

I am one of many who are currenly afflicted by an invisible yet life threatening disease known as 


This condition prevents me from digesting food, causes constant pain nause and vomiting, and interferes with my ability to perform bodily functions. However, Gastroparesis (or GP) is an invisible illness, which means even those who are suffering the most internally, can appear "normal" to everyone around them. This also means that those who are afflicted can be seen as having eating disorders, pill poppers or are simply over exaggerating their illness. 


At this time no true cure for GP exists, and while some treatments exist many only provide temporary relief and can cause harsh side effects due to the overall deterioration of the body. Many have passed away, and many more remain in medical limbo, awaiting some sort of change that will allow them to return to their lives.


To create the change we must be seen, so take the time to learn about GREEN!


Additional Tones of GREEN

Many others are working to create the change we wish to see. Check out the board below to discover more ways they are doing so and how you can get involved!

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